• The Medical App

    Need critical information in an emergency? Ever show up to the doctor's office without key information? The Medical App can help you with these situations and much more.

    The primary goal of The Medical App is to provide caregivers a tool to manage the information needed to support their medical needs as well as the needs of those they take care of.

    Top benefits of The Medical App include:

    - Quick access to your insurance information
    - Share medical information with others (dad, doctor etc.)
    - Create countdowns to appointments using our "days until" feature
    - Manage important medical information for your family members
    - Manage medical contacts for quick access
    - Create medical notes when needed

  • The Medical App

    The home screen for The Medical App is your profile intro along with any other profiles you have added. This gives you quick access to the profile you want to access right when you open the app. The double arrows in this example mean you are sharing the profile wither other users. They may be other family members or medical professionals. You can also easily add new profiles with a tap of a button.

  • The Medical App

    When you get to the profile details section you will see how indepth this app really is. We want to make sure you have the tools needed to manage your basic medical needs. How many times have you visited a medical professional only to find that you don't have all the information you need. This can be especially true when someone who is not the primary caregiver (possibly dad, nanny, grandma or an aunt) tries to respond to medical questions.

    This information can also be very valuable in an emergency. It can be difficult to remain calm in a dramatic situation where someone is hurt, especially your kids. The app can quickly get you to important medical information you need to help medical professionals help you and your family.

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