• The Shopper App

    The Shopper App is the ultimate shopping companion. Organize all your shopping lists in once place. Share lists with anyone via apps or email. Save a list once and use it over and over again (like weekly groceries lists). You can add product photos for newbie shoppers (who are helping you out from time to time) so you never get the wrong product.

    Hate typing on the phone? So do we. Our Shopper App allows you to scan products into your shopping lists via their barcode. No typing required.

  • The Shopper App

    Love coupons but don't have the time? We help with that too. Our Shopper App continuously scours your lists for items that have coupons available. When we find a match we let you know within your list. Can it get any better? Yes it can. We also put the coupons you choose on to your loyalty cards. No mess, no fuss.

    The Shopper App also works seamlessly with our Recipe App. With a push of a button you can download an entire recipe's ingredients to your shopping cart.

  • The Shopper App

    Top benefits of The Shopper App include:

    - Quick access to all your shopping lists
    - Real-time matching of items on your list with offers and coupons
    - Real-time sharing of shopping lists via apps or email
    - Real-time sharing with family caregivers (dad, nanny, grandma etc.)
    - Automatic syncing with shopping lists from other apps (within Mom App)
    - Save lists for future use eliminating the need to retype or rewrite lists
    - Save lists for commonly purchased items like weekly groceries
    - Download recipe ingredietns seamlessly to your shopping lists
    - Add photos for error-free shopping

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