• The Someday App

    Have you ever said "someday I'm going to ...". Well, there's an app for that. We call it the Someday App. We're not talking about just "wishful" ideas but every day desires. "I want to go see Mamma Mia this month," or "I want to take a spa day by June 1st."

    The Someday App can also help you organize events and gift giving. If you want to go to a concert with your friends you can create an event for the concert and share it with you friends. You can use our countdown feature, Days Until, to keep track of the upcoming event.

  • The Someday App

    Top benefits of The Someday App include:

    - Keep track of things you want to have or do (trip to Hawaii, bike etc)
    - Take photos of things you need or want and save them to The Someday App
    - Create countdowns to events using our "days until" feature
    - Share gift-giving ideas with others (dads, grandmas, uncles etc)
    - Reminders and recurrences included

  • The Someday App

    One of our favorite features of the Someday App is the "Days Until" countdown. Never lose track of upcoming important events. You will constantly be reminded of important events and how much time you have before they come due.

    Never forget important events like:
    - Anniversaries
    - Family & friends' birthdays
    - Major school activities (sports, vacations, entertainment etc)
    - Holidays and vacations

    There are endless uses. We're looking forward to learning how you want to use it and how we can make the experience even better.

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